• Crafts distinguished interior design elements
  • Designs contemporary furniture that evokes tradition and craft
  • Fashions timely, but timeless elements

Unusual architectural details or the play of light on a wall inevitably draws the eye upon entering a room. So too, does a table or a chair that accents the room like a work of art. Architect and Custom Furniture Designer, Tom McHugh realized early in his career that the freestanding elements in a room contribute to its character.

His furniture design portfolio includes distinguished, award-winning collections and stand-alone pieces created for national and international companies. These and other exclusive interior design commissions for individual clients reveal McHugh’s penchant for a look of contemporary warmth that implies minimalism, but on a human scale.

Fascinated by free-form shapes that animate and beautify a room, he creates furniture that is, by turns, graceful, playful and practical. Ultimately, his work makes an unforgettable addition to a room or house. He also draws inspiration from using sustainable materials that in themselves add character and richness. Each original piece reflects and authenticity and craft that attest to its high quality, hands-on pedigree.

Tom McHugh designs furniture on individual commission or as part of an interior design scheme. Each piece or grouping evolves from a shared vision with the client. Together, he and the client follow a furniture concept from abstract sketches and three-dimensional prototypes to a finished, artfully functional piece.