• Initiates dynamic conversation about needs and wants
  • Unearths design clues and relationships
  • Creates a "sense of place" that exceeds your vision

Transforming rooms to attain a fresh phrasing of space demands careful research and an understanding of how to evoke the essence of place. Architect and Interior Designer Tom McHugh considers this a cornerstone of his interior design practice, serving both residential and commercial clients.

Mc Hugh works closely with clients to define what a room or space should be and how design changes can illuminate its worth. He studies its textural traits and relationship to adjoining rooms, existing architectural styles, and the landscape outside. With a focus on details that suggest what is right for the client and the space, he considers which design applications will distinguish the space on a larger canvas.

Tom McHugh uses his experience as a licensed architect to see the bones of an interior. He looks for clues of what lies beneath the surface, whether creating a new look or restoring a classic one.

The interior design process unfolds from a detailed project program to schematics that provide a first look at ideas taking shape. When a design is finalized, samples of all room components-a selection of fabrics and colors, representative lighting and furnishings options-from which the client can choose are presented. He then drafts documents for contractors, manages purchases and the construction itself, bringing the new updated interior design plan to completion.