"Tom designed a table for me of more simplicity and elegance than I could have imagined. Oh, and a bit of whimsy, too."

~ Marge Sumner, Madison, WI

I am so happy with Tom's design for the second-story deck on my home. His concept of a curved structure to take into account the line of trees on the property, worked beautifully. I love the view of the deck, both from inside and from outside the house, and the view the deck provides. Tom oversaw the construction down to the smallest detail and worked well with the builder to make sure the construction progressed as planned. I couldn't be happier with the final result.

~ Marcia Bosscher, Madison, WI

"Tom McHugh is an outstanding designer who understands and supports the Studio Furniture movement and the ideals of a
one-of-a-kind maker."

~ Thomas Loeser, UW Madison Professor of Art

The service and attention we received from Tom McHugh was exceptional. I would highly recommend Tom for any architectural work. He quickly came up with a functional master plan for our new Hair Design Studio in a restrictive space. As the project evolved he engaged his structural engineer to open up smaller spaces in two different building structures to make them into single larger open spaces. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and patient throughout. The permits went went very smoothly too, I would highly recommend Tom.

~ Duncan Edward European Hair Design, Madison,WI

"Tom understood my vision and designed a space that says just what I wanted it to say: we're friendly, community centered, environmentally aware, with a sense of adventure. Every day someone new comes in and is immediately drawn to the space. The cafe's signage and logo that Tom designed communicates right away what we are, what we do, and suggests a welcoming atmosphere. The cafe space is totally adaptable to varying challenges and needs -- from an artists' gallery to workshops, even to the set for an independent film! I haven't found a venue yet that we haven't been able to accommodate.

~ Mary Devitt, Owner, Crossroads Coffeehouse, Cross Plains, WI

"Tom transformed our three-story brick barracks into an amazing streetscape of open office space and contemporary, changeable furniture. It is viewed as a pacesetter of reuse by everyone who sees it."

~ Frank Vitetta AIA, Chairman, Vitetta, Philadelphia

"In Tom's hands, the complexity of the design process translates, simply, into the need we all have for place and home."

~ Normal Diekman, international furniture designer, New York City

"We've hired Tom to work on two homes for us over the past 23 years. On both projects, he understood our needs, reflected our aesthetic and worked within our budget. His creativity and impeccable taste resulted in beautiful homes which have been a pleasure to live in."

~ Mark M. and Cathy Kaufman Iger, New York City   

"Whenever I've needed a help with color in a space I've called Tom. With his unique sense of how color defines a space and its use, he has always found a novel and exciting way to introduce visual energy into the atmosphere of the spaces. Whether it's been my office space in Middleton or my Studio/Gallery in downtown Madison in an old industrial space Tom has come through."

~ John Riggs,Tamerack Studio/ Gallery, Madison, WI   

"Tom McHugh is a delight to work with. He listens well and intuits aspects of a project that the homeowner hasn't even thought of--and yet, these components are exactly what make his designs so satisfying. I had no idea that I needed a small, standing desk in the kitchen, yet I use it all of the time. Tom tends to the details in the design and execution phases. We have had Tom design and execute two projects for us and we never experienced the angst that people describe as part of the process of doing an addition or remodel project...............Guests in our home comment that our house fits exactly who we are-- for Tom honors our existing design elements and spaces by reflecting them in his fresh solutions; and then incorporates his thirst for natural light and environmentally appropriate materials."

~ Sally Raschick, Madison, WI